Table o’ Contents

Run! Run now! Seriously! This is terrible advice! It’s all meant to hinder you! So run before he returnsghaufghhnooooo….


Welcome to Bad Writing Advice, where the advice is “bad” in a “that’s kind of badass” sense, and not the usual sense. I mean, clearly I’m going for irony here, which is something only the most astute and witty of writers would have picked up.

Oh? You got it. See? You’re not as stupid as you look.

Bad Writing Advice i, “Metaforceps”
Bad Writing Advice I, “Truly Awful Writing Tips”
Bad Writing Advice II, “When you run out of ideas…”
Bad Writing Advice III, “Preparing for Inspiration”
Bad Writing Advice IV, “Finding a Writerly Name”
Bad Writing Advice V, “Idea Overdose”
Bad Writing Advice VI, “Is it Bragworthy?”
Bad Writing Advice VII, “Baby Steps”
Bad Writing Advice VIII, “De Profundis Among Us”
Bad Writing Advice IX, “4 Ways to End a Chapter”





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